Week 2: The Transition

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Morning coffee on the front porch
I had so much to do this week but I have not hit the big mileage yet so it was definitely easier.

I had finals, all-you-can-eat wings at Applebee’s with the boys, end of the year party, Taylor swift concert, and a lot of visiting with friends and family when I got home on Saturday.
Sunday was the busiest, but the most fun.
Unfortunately, I cheated on my diet too much.
It felt justified because it would be rude not to except food and dessert from friends and family that don’t understand your struggle.
“Oh you will just burn it off tomorrow”
If only it was that easy but ‘m trying to live a little before the the serious training starts.
 Monday- 8 miles, strides
Tuesday- 4 miles easy
Wednesday- 8 miles, strides
Thursday- 5 miles, swim
Friday- Drove to Baton Rogue for the Taylor Swift concert
Saturday- 12 miles
Sunday- 4 miles
41 total

Riding in Paw Paw's Jeep
Riding in Paw Paw’s Jeep
Next week, I plan on getting in the 50’s.
I have a 5k in Bogalusa, LA planned for Saturday and I will use that as a tempo.
“Swamp Road”

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