The Month of June in Review (weeks 4, 5, 6 & 7)

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“If you ain’t runnin wit it, run from it” – Lil Wayne

I originally planned to make a weekly mileage post but I was so busy during the month of June I decided to cover it all in one large post.

Although I was running every day, I think of June as my “month off”.
I did my best to do all of the fun things I could not do during the school year.
My idea of fun is squeezing as much as possible into one small unit of time. I had something to do almost every day and all my weekends were full.

I ran two 5k’s, paddled a canoe race as well as hosted another race AND got dive certified on top of working during the week and running my regular mileage.
I also managed to spend a decent amount of time visiting friends and family.

The down side is that I probably gained too much weight and did not get as much quality mileage as I wanted.
Now that things will settle down, I can focus more on training during the month of June.
Luckily, one of those weeks I will be working at Gulf States Distance camp for high school runners so I will not have a choice.

Week 4 (June 1-7):

This kid ran 14 minutes for 2 miles!

I finally spent a full week at home and I’m getting into a routine.

On Wednesday I woke up and did my regular mileage only to find out later that Varsity sports was having one of their 2 mile summer series races.
Usually these things have a suggested theme.This week it was a team run.
You had to find a partner and at the mile marker you exchanged a shirt with your partner. I had the privilege to be paired with an 8 year old named Henry.

Turns out, Henry is not your average kid. He pushed through a 14 minute 2 mile and I was really impressed. Look out for this kid to be winning a lot of races around here during the next decade!

This week I also won the Men’s Championship at the Bayou Liberty Pirogue Races. I only had a few days of practice but it is better that I’ve been focusing on running

This is the 4th year in a row that I won the Men’s Championship.

Bringing it in to the finish line.

Monday- 4 miles

Tuesday- 8 miles & strides

Wednesday- 8 miles

Thursday- 8 miles & strides

Friday- 6 miles & strides

Saturday- 14 miles

Sunday- 3 miles

52 miles total

On my dad’s boat after the race

Week 5 (June 8-14):

2nd Place is right behind me but you can’t see him in this picture
The spectators of the Blueberry 5k on Saturday the 13th had a pretty good show at the finish.
I finished 1st place with 17:22 but this is the worst time of year for me to be racing. The guy snuck up on me during the last half mile. We had the longest fight to the finish that I have ever had in a road race.
Although I’m not in racing shape, it is still fun to go out and run these races at a decent effort.

I am patient enough to know that the real reward is on the way.

Another fun aspect about the Blue Berry 5k this year was having my Bro Mark Richard come out and run!

Mark thought it would be a good idea to light up a cigar near the starting line a few minutes before the race.
Needless to say, he receieved some strange looks but I think they were more surprised when he ran the whole race and finished in the top 25 out of roughly 160 runners.

Mark does NOT care. #legit
Monday- 10 miles & strides

Tuesday- 8 miles

Wednesday- 6 miles

Thursday- 8 miles & strides

Friday- 4 Saturday- 8 (Blue Berry 5k)

Sunday- 10 & strides

54 miles total

Week 6 (June 15-21):

The megaphone made me feel important
This week was so busy it almost stopped being fun.

I hosted my first event and it was pretty successful.
I have to admit, after seeing the other side of sports, I plan on being the person participating instead of hosting the event.

In the end, it was still fun and I learned a lot.
I figured out that everyone has not choice but to listen to you if you have a megaphone.

This week I planned running around my big weekend. I did my long run on Friday so that I would not be obligated to in on Saturday when I organized my canoe race.

Monday- 4 miles easy

Tuesday- 8 miles & strides

Wednesday- 10 miles & strides (2 mile summer series)

Thursday- 8 miles Friday- 15 miles & 4 east strides

Saturday- 4 miles easy

Sunday- 10 miles & Strides

60 miles total

Week 7 (June 22-28):

IMG_1633 My plan was to make it to 70 miles this week but I didn’t realize the toll that scuba diving takes on your body.

Luckily, I planned my long run for Friday before I left for Pensacola and it did not hurt my overall mileage too much.
I really enjoyed my trip to Pensacola and I would encourage anyone who loves the water to go and get certified.

Monday- 8 miles & strides AM, 4 miles PM

Tuesday- 6 miles AM, 4 miles PM

Wednesday- 10 miles & strides AM, 4 miles PM

Thursday- 8 miles

Friday- 15 miles

Saturday- 4 miles easy

Sunday- 4 miles easy

68 miles total (didn’t make it to 70)


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