Weeks 8-13: Closer To The Edge

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The kids at Gulf States Distance Camp managed to find my blog and pick it apart.
They randomly dropped quotes from my own posts until I finally caught on.
Other than the “stoic Spartan warrior” quote I was roasted for, the kids really enjoyed harassing me for the Lil Wayne quote on my last post.
Knowing this, I have an even better quote.

“I Don’t go around fire expecting not to sweat” – Lil Wayne

Most of the pain and stress in my life is self-inflected.
Running, school, dealing with other people, ect, could all be avoided if I decided to sit at home all day and watch television.
Since I voluntarily put myself through these trials, I do not have a right to complain about it.
When I tell people about the amount I am running, their conditioned response is usually along the lines of “that sucks” or “I’m sorry you have to do that.”
Other times, people just assume that I enjoy running so much that it doesn’t even phase me.
I want it to be known that I do not enjoy the act of running.
If I wanted to run for fun then I would just jog for 15 or 20 minutes everyday and find something else to do with my time.
What draws me to collegiate running is the competitiveness of Cross-Country and Track & Field on this level.
In order to be competitive, the amount of training that I do is absolutely necessary.
Over the years, I’ve discovered that training this much has put me in a constant conflict with living life to the fullest and backing off for training.
I obsessively contemplate the best balance between these two things.
I value life and what it has to offer, but at the same time I value the time I put into my training and the benefits I receive from it.
What follows is my mileage logs that include pictures and stories from everything in between.

Week 8 : June 29- July 5

8 miles AM – 5 miles PM
7 miles AM – 6 miles PM
8 miles
15 miles
4 miles
12 miles
8 miles
(73 total)
This week was slow for work so I was able to enjoy my afternoons with my Paw Paw instead of slinging a weedeater for him.
We ran the hoop nets at the camp and things turned out pretty well.
Also, I adjusted my schedule for the 4 on the Fourth race and did my long run on Wednesday.
After the run, I ran the streets with Mark, Dylan and my brother and we ended the day with exercising our second amendment rights.
The Fourth of July race ended up being a good training run. Although I shifted my long run, it was only for logistical reason. I still did my regular running and ran additional mileage after the race.

To make sure it wasn’t taken too seriously, I ran with an American flag tied around my neck the entire time.

It was slightly uncomfortable but I did it for America.
The Start of Four on the Fourth
The Start of Four on the Fourth
Dylan and Mark

Week 9: July 6-12

IMG_168215 miles
8 miles AM – 4 miles PM
12 miles, strides – 5 miles
5 miles
10 miles
16 miles
5 miles
(80 total)
The numbers game is a slippery slope. I’ve seen other runner a crash and burn during the chase.
It is good to hold yourself to a high standard but when you fail to meet the mark it can be disappointing.
Last week I set out to run my first 80 mile week of the summer but I made it all to Sunday afternoon with 7 miles remaining and the sky fell out.
I sat under my dad’s shed cursing the sky as it rained and lightened without mercy.
The last day of the week ended with a nice win by Team 313 at the Bayou Paddle Battle paddle board relay race.
We had the fastest overall time for the 4 person relay and we only had three people!
I led off the race and anchored!

Week 10: July 13-19

IMG_170010 miles
10 miles AM – 5 miles PM
10 miles AM – 8 miles PM
10 miles
6 miles
10 miles AM – 4 miles PM
10 miles AM – 7 miles PM
(90 total)
There is a lot of things I would like to say about being a counselor at Gulf States but what happens at camp stays at camp.
Just know that It was a lot of fun training with these high school kids and other staff member.
I was able to log a 90 mile week and having people to run with made that a lot easier.
Shout out to my Jesuit and Holy Cross guys for making it a fun experience and not giving their favorite counselor such a hard time (you know who you are).
Also, good luck to Daniel Bischoff from Bowling Green, who was the only camper from his high school and is the only true distance runner from his school.
I know the struggle of the lonely distance runner.

Week 11: July 20-26

IMG_174010 miles
4 miles
17 miles
4 miles
8 miles
9 miles
8 miles
(60 total)
This was the calm before the storm.
I built up to 90 and then took an off week in order to prepare for the miles to come.
I only ran 60 miles but it worked out because I took a trip to Arkansas with my high school coach to watch the National Invitation White River Canoe Race.
I used to participate in the race and now I enjoy attending to show support for my old team. They managed to pull out a win this year and it was fun to follow them the entire way.

Week 12: July 27-August 2

11813448_10204026948708213_4456165711226536065_n12 miles AM – 4 miles PM
12 miles AM – 4 miles PM
8 miles AM – 7 miles PM
12 miles PM – 4 miles PM
17 miles
4 miles
10 miles AM – 6 miles PM
(100 total!)
I already raved about this on Facebook, but one of the highlights of this was going to the English Tea Room with Mark.
Everyone made fun of us but I know it was because they were totally jealous.

Week 13: August 3-9

IMG_176912 miles AM – 4 miles PM
12 miles AM – 4 miles PM
8 miles AM – 7 miles PM
5 miles AM -10 miles PM
8 miles AM – 5 miles PM
15 miles
3 miles
(93 total)
I didn’t quite make it to 100 miles this week but It was a solid week of quality mileage.
On Thursday I ran with two different high school teams.
In the morning I paced Jesuit High School for their tempo run and in the afternoon I went on a solid 5 mile run with Holy Cross.
They made me feel bad when they asked why I haven’t posted in a while.
Keep reading guys! And definitely give me feed back. Hopefully my posts will be on a regular basis when I get back to school.
At school I don’t have the pressures of high mileage and manual labor during the week.
The season starts soon and it will only get more entertaining!
Formatting for large posts in WordPress is really hard and it took me a long time to position the pictures.
I did my best to keep them aligned but some of them are off.
At the bottom are some of the pictures I couldn’t fit in the post.
Thanks again for reading!
 11719974_1156128894415596_1928760120_nIMG_1708 IMG_1674
Just for fun, here is a song by 30 Seconds to Mars with the same title as my blog.
The kids from camp that read this will understand the reason for the title.
Fun Fact: The lead singer of this band played Steve Prefontaine in the movie “Prefontaine.”

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