It’s been a while…

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It has indeed been a while since I posted on my blog so it’s definitely due for an update.
The last full post I made was during Cross Country season of 2015. Since then, I finished my last indoor and outdoor season as a college athlete and I graduated Louisiana Tech.
What’s next for me as an athlete?
I’m still trying to figure all of this out. I’ve been averaging a solid 40 miles per week with *some* cycling and occasional swimming.
For now I plan to ease into a few sprint tris while simultaneously trying to improve my running.
That being said, I dropped $140 dollars on aero (Tri) bars for my bike.  Maybe that is a message from my subconscious to dive in head first (pardon the pun).

For now, here is my 2017 Spring race schedule:

March 2- St. Patrick’s day classic 2 miler (CCC 10k qualifier)

March 17-18- Latech Jim Mize meet (3k, maybe 800m if coach allows)

April 2- Pelicanman Duathlon

April 8- Traditions Triathlon

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