Feb.13-19 2017: A New Way of Thinking

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AM: 30 minute bike on the trainer

PM: 4 miles easy



AM: 4 miles easy

PM: 8×400 meters with 1:10 rest

73 – 77 – 75 – 77 – 71 – 71 – 73 – 70


3 x 8 single leg glute bridges

3 x 6 single legs RDLs

Hip abduction exercise

Weighted pull-ups, weighted chin-ups, rear delts, biceps, Abs


Wednesday –

AM: 4 miles easy

PM: 1200 yard swim + 2 x 50 yd fast = 1300 yds



AM: 45 minutes on the trainer

PM: 7 miles with 3 interval miles. 1 mile rest in between

~6:00, 5:40. 5:30



45 minutes HARD on the trainer



12 miles at ~7:10 mile pace average

60 mile bike with Tassin and Happel


10 miles easy + two margaritas on the rocks


47 miles total


Because of weather and time constraints I did not get on the road with my bike as much as I wanted to. A few seasoned Triathletes suggested backing off on the running and do more biking. The beginning of my week was light on the trainer but Saturday was a 60 mile ride to make up for it.

During this 60 mile ride, I was introduced to a new concept called “The Bonk.” You can read about it HERE or you can just do a Google search for “The Bonk.”

Around mile 50 I felt lightheaded and weak from calorie deprivation so Jason handed me a Gu pack and I was a new man.

This was a very humbling event and I look forward to all of the new experiences that come with training for a new sport.




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